I want to be safe and secure website to visit.

I’m not interested in using, storing or analyzing any of your data. This website uses no analytical software or tracking of any kind. I have no idea who you are, and – unless you’d like to send me an email – I’m glad to keep it that way.

This website uses no cookies.

If you are a client, or have emailed me in the past, I will have records of your name, email, and any messages you have provided. I will not forward or share any of this information with any third party. All correspondence is made through, which I believe to be a secure service. Please consider reading their privacy policy before making any correspondence.

EU law states you have a right to request that any data held be exported or deleted. If, for any reason, you feel concerned about any data you may have shared, please feel free to get in touch and I will be glad to help.

As ever, if you have any thoughts or questions, I’ll always be glad to chat with you – just send me a message.

Think I could be doing more to make my service more secure? I would love to know!